Poseidon Plaques Fully Customized

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crafty boards-logo1.png

Poseidon Plaques Fully Customized


Crafty Boards Plaques are great for retirements and transfers.  We can engrave anything you would like onto these plaques.  We can apply unit logos, names, types of service and many more.  See below for custom ordering instructions.

  • Dimensions:  11" x 13"
  • Type of Wood:  Cherry
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Here's how our Totally Custom Design Process Works:

1.      Order the fully Customized option and choose the finish of your liking.

2.      Fill out the form with your email address and any detail regarding what you would like on your board. (You'll see this form after you click add to cart ).

3.      Send an email with an attached photo of the design you wish to have engraved on your board to Orders@CraftyBoards.com

4.      Once we receive your order and can match your order with your email, we'll start engraving!

***We do not share or sell any of your information including your email address.  It is strictly used for ordering purposes only!